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Q1: What is the composition of your product ?
We always have compound of Lactose and Natamycin in our stock. Other carriers like Glicose, Dextrose and NaCl is available upon request.

Q2: What is the product's country of origin?
We buy some of the raw materials from EU and some of them from Turkish suppliers. We use pharma grade lactose from  a Turkish supplier.

Q3: What payment options you have?
We accept Paypal and 2Checkout payments for the orders below 5 Kg. For above quantities we accept Wire transfer, Cash payment at our office and Western Union.

Q4: What is the min. order quantity?
There is no minimum quantity limit. We can even deliver 100 gr.

Q5: Do you provide free sample?
Yes. 100 gr sample is free. We only charge fixed rate of 75$ for courier fee. We accept Paypal.

Q6: Are you manufacturing company or marketing company?
We are both. We buy raw materials, we produce and we sell it. There are times our manufacturing fully booked and we buy from competitors not to interrupt our client's business.

Q7: What shipment type is provided?
We ship worldwide via Airway for the small quantities. We deliver via Seaway and Land transport for the amounts more than 100 kg.

(We provide CIF delivery to our neighborhood countries like Iran, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Georgina, Azerbaijan etc. via land transport )

Q8: What international certificates you have?
Our company is recently set up and we will apply to sort of certificates as soon as possible. This doesn't mean our product quality is not good enough. Everybody has a beginning.

Q9: Are you looking for distributors?
Absolutely we are. Especially in Africa and South America since natamycin widely used in these countries.

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